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L-CDI is an NGO moving into action from 2000 and performs character development, English education and higher education for a young man of a farm village part.
It is the school which Mr. Malaysian Max Singh founded with a family.

It starts from 24 people, and a student of 2,000 studies it for the very cheap tuition now in a center in each place.
A center in Pochentong of capital Phnom Penh is the headquarters of L-CDI。
L-CDI does a half year for an end and performs educational program of about 2 years.
As for a half year of the beginning, they learn it in a center in Cambodian each place and when it is over, they leaves it with a family for next a half year and come to a center of Pochentong and live-in learn.
When study advances smoothly, they let you strain to teach it as a teacher to a center of each place as for next a half year.
And they return to Pochentong again for last a half year and receive vocational training such as computers.

L-CDI is the young man that what entrance to school intends for is older than 16 years old now, but this is because this year becomes the last chance of learning for a Cambodian woman.
Many women of a farm village part marry the partner whom a parent decided with this age and can be over for care of a lot of children and housework without appearing afterwards from a house. By the way, the child who is more than one to ten people becomes dead before becoming 1 year old.
It is the present conditions of a Cambodian farm village that a position of a woman is lower. More than 80% of the nation live in a farm village, and there is a center in a farm village, too.
Literacy rate of a man is called 40%, and there is the place where literacy rate of a woman is called 20% in a certain area.

Half of a student is a woman in L-CDI.
It is from an idea that cooperation to Cambodian development is possible only through education that L-CDI offers an opportunity of education to a young man.
And it is from a thought to be important that the existence that it protects higher than half of the nation being women and the best house that L-CDI attaches great importance to a woman can hit power.

meeting hall
boy dormitory
L-CDI center of State in the Cambodian northeast.
There are a lot of teenage teachers.
OSA & Citizens of farm village
When it is the time of rice-transplanting,
children are absent from a school and help a family.
You can see a lot of children taking care of
younger brothers and sisters in Cambodia.

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